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Beating Depression and Other Demons

I have these lines, these boundaries that I don't or won't cross.  They keep me in check.  They keep me from turning into my grandfather, my grandmother, and my father.  These boundaries that I guard so carefully keep me from living the lonely life of an alcoholic.  There are demons that I know are out there waiting to snatch me up if I cross too far into their territory.  The Depression demon whispers that everything is so hard, relationships, putting one foot in front of the other, all of it.  Why can't anyone else clean up around here?  Why are people such assholes?  Why, why, why?  That depression demon triggers anger.  I don't want to be angry, so I isolate myself from those situations that make me angry, you know, the ones with people in them. My Dad wasn't always an alcoholic, but he has always been depressed and angry.  When he drinks, he isn't angry.  Angry or drunk though, he never had a great relationship with anyone for more than a year.  No fri

Best Underwear for Women (Sexy and Comfortable)

My recommendation for the most comfortable, pretty, no panty line showing underwear out there. I'm 40 and I have had two children.  I just don't want to wear a thong anymore.  I'll take comfort over sexy.  At this point in our lives with two busy careers and two busy children, my husband is just happy if he gets laid semi-regularly.  I don't think he is even paying attention to my underwear.  Looking at my cellulite in a thong doesn't make me feel attractive either.  However, I'm not dead yet, and I want to  feel  attractive, and comfortable, and I don't want panty lines, so what's a girl to do? Enter Soma Vanishing Edge series from Soma ( ). They disappear under your clothes, even the sheerest of summer dresses, and they stay put thanks to these little gripper strips on the cheeks.  They are super comfy too and come in microfiber and cotton.  I have used both.  I don't wear them to the gym though because they are my "fanc